martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

New Blog

First one of my artistic photos for inaugurate my blog, it's from one of my trips around Spain, my home country, so proud to be Spanish :)

This is from the last trip I've done, after convince my mother I was in Bilbao with some friends and i enjoyed the wonderful concerts, the climate of the city, the daily conversations with my friends, the city tours( thank you both for teach me about your city), I enjoyed too with our evenings watching movies and the night in Bilbo, it was the best!:)
Finally, a wonderful trip!

The cold water of the Plentzia's beach, good memories of a week in the north of Spain...

The fantastic sunset in the beach and the last fireworks on the sky! The best of the world, and the most wonderful I've seen in my life, Caballer's brother: Fantasy fireworks!

Aste Nagusia 2010,more than a trip...

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